About Us

Welcome to Rivoni adertising.

Rivoni Advertising (Pty) Ltd was established with the sole purpose of providing creative outdoor and indoor advertising solutions. It derives its focus from the ethos of striving for industry best practice, appropriate management, qualified staffing and community empowerment through meaningful skills transfer. We are geared towards educated and tailor made interventions in our quest to meet the demand for brand awareness amongst our clients.

In an effort to provide the best solutions and service to our clients, we will never deviate from our core business which is to provide the best locations and solutions to profile and grow your brand through outdoor and indoor advertising. We believe that in the successful execution of our business, a holistic approach through good human capital management and environmental consciousness will promote a culture of sustainable development in everything we do.

The Rivoni Group of Companies

The Rivoni Group is fully owned by young entrepreneurs who are emerging to be leaders in their respective fields of expertise. From humble beginnings, the group was established with the incorporation of our first company, Rivoni Property Developers, in 2001.

The group has since developed into a diversified products and services company which has and continues to contribute meaningfully to the communities within which we operate and service, and who in turn have made us the company we are today. We believe in the principles of good corporate citizenship and this will remain a cornerstone of our continued growth.

What we do

Business Ethos
Rivoni advertising is built on the principle that the client’s needs come first. This is an underlying
theme throughout the Rivoni group of companies and a principle which guides the management of
the company. Our site selection is done from the perspective of a prospective client. Visibility, Strategic location and holistic value propositions drive the selection of each of our sites. We firmly believe in complying with relevant legislation as part of our mission to be good corporate citizens. As such, each Rivoni Advertising location has all relevant municipal approvals in place.

Offerings and Services
Rivoni advertising provides a complete out of home advertising solution. Our portfolio of existing and sites under development include:

  • Public parks
    Botanical gardens
    Leisure facilities
    Sports facilities
    Transport hubs
    Rest areas

* These sites offer prospective clients solution to out-of-home advertising through innovative
branding techniques, such as branded benches, refuse disposal, ablution facilities, perimeter
fencing and landmark naming rights.

Site Selection and Offering Innovation
Drawing on the experience which our founder gained through commercial property development and associated feasibility studies, we apply this same methodology in choosing our sites. This approach ensures that our offerings meet the requirements of clients from the perspective of creating maximum impact and brand visibility. Rivoni chooses sites in high density areas where synergies are created with existing commercial developments and urban hubs. In addition Rivoni has a distinct focus on sites neighbouring high traffic thoroughfares and highways.